External Scientific Advisory Board Members

María Inés Torres from Universidad del País Vasco UPV/EHU (Spain)

After more than 30 years of experiences in R&D on various Speech Technologies such as ASR, Language Identification, Machine Translation, Spoken Dialogue Systems or the identification of emotional cues, her main research interests focus now the development of human-machine interactive systems providing emotional, empathic and natural communication. She has recently leaded the European project EMPATHIC, which was devoted to design and develop an Expressive and Empathic Virtual Coach to improve independent years of the elderly. She now participates in the European action MENHIR which deals with mental health monitoring through interactive conversations. She is also addressing the potential usefulness of the conversational systems in early stages of the Alzheimer disease. The objectives of the e-vita project are aligned with her experience and current interests while allowing her to learn on the interaction with robots. The collaboration with the e-vita project looks very promising.

Malcolm Fisk, Professor of Ageing and Digital Health within De Montfort University

After working in local government and the electronics industry, Malcolm returned to academia in 2010, first at Coventry University and now as Professor of Ageing and Digital Health at De Montfort. Whilst focusing on digital health he draws on wider expertise on ageing, innovation and service standards. He recently led the European Commission funded PROGRESSIVE and TeleSCoPE projects that, respectively, examined standards for ICT and ‘Active and Healthy Ageing’; and developed a European (now International) Code of Practice for Telehealth Services. Currently he is an expert for NICE (the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), ANEC (the European Consumer Voice on Standardisation) and the World Health Organisation (in respect of their Digital Health Strategy). Malcolm is also Visiting Professor at the Open University and Univerzita Hradec Králové.