AGE Platform Europe

AGE Platform Europe is a European network of 110 organizations of and for older people, working on a wide range of policy areas, and research projects that have impact on older and retired people.  

These include issues of anti-discrimination, employment of older workers and active ageing, social protection, pension reforms, social inclusion, health, elder abuse, intergenerational solidarity, research, accessibility of public transport and of the build environment, and new technologies (ICT). 

Through our involvement in several EU projects, AGE Platform Europe also seek to promote older people’s participation in the development of projects and devices intended for them (‘user involvement’). 

Role in the project: 

In the e-VITA project, AGE will act as a representative of European users and share with the consortium its long-lasting experience regarding the involvement of older people in the development of new technologies for the improvement of health and well-being. Furthermore, considering its role in European advocacy organizations, AGE will explore the connections with EU relevant initiatives and support the development of joint European and Japanese policy recommendations for the well-being of our ageing societies.