The Artificial Intelligence Research Centre (AIRC) serves as a core center in Japan to promote implementation of AI in the real-world. AIRC was established in 2015 and currently has 12 research teams and over 650 employees. Its goal is to achieve AI that solves complex problems in society, including service industry and healthcare/caregiving services, in cooperation with people. AIRC aims to create a space for open innovation connecting industry, academia, and government. 

The Data Knowledge Integration (DKI) research team aims to uncover the semantics of human behaviour and to develop AI technology that supports various daily activities by integrating observational data and knowledge. DKI specializes in goal-oriented knowledge graphs, ontology engineering and context-aware dialogue modelling.  

Role on the project: 

AIST/AIRC is the Japanese work-package leader for WP5 – Trustworthy AI, Data Analytics & NLP. AIST/AIRC focuses on multimodal dialogue modelling and related tasks in developing a dialogue manager that supports emotional and social interaction in situations where users need natural dialogue interaction with the e-VITA Virtual Coach. AIST/AIRC also works on ethical issues and defining user requirements, and assists in the integration and standardization of dialogue technology in smart environments. AIST/AIRC is also responsible for organizing the mid-term project workshop.