Institut Mines-Télécom

Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT) is a French public academic institution, gathering more than 10 Engineering Schools, and dedicated to Higher Education and Research for Innovation in the fields of Information and Communication Technology, power management, environment, and materials. 

The Institute is under the aegis of the General Council for the Economy, Industry, Energy and Technology (Ministry of Industry). IMT’s spread out a high academic and scientific legitimacy for master’s degrees and PhDs and research and innovation – with 1400 researchers and 1700 PhD students.  

IMT will be represented by two teams with complementary skills on the domain of data sensors processing and automatic pattern recognition applied to “Ambient Assisting Living”, belonging respectively to Télécom SudParis in Evry (south-east Paris) and IMT Atlantique in Brest. 

Role in the project: 

IMT will contribute to the requirements analysis and technical realizations for the e-VITA prototype, mainly related to ADL-based multimodal data fusion and behavioral recognition for the Dialogue Management system. IMT will supply their Living-Lab EXPERIMENT’HAAL and codesign/testing platform EVIDENT to support others Living Labs in the analysis of end-users needs as wells as their training and assessment.  

IMT is also in charge of the work package (WP9) management on Exploitation and Dissemination of e-VITA results both in Europe and Japan.