Institute of Experimental Psychophysiology

Founded in 2014, the Institute of Experimental Psychophysiology is a successful university spin-off bridging the evolving interdisciplinary fields of data science, medical engineering and psychology. It is currently employing more than 25 full-time researchers supervised by four university professors and 11 simultaneous projects with its strategic partners from academia and industry. Its core services include 1) product evaluation for (digital) health products 2) development of audio-video AI modules for health state detection and 3) support public research funding. 

Role in the project: 

The Institute of Experimental Psychophysiology will lead WP2, analysis of end-user, content, technical and ethical requirements and will compile information about behavioral, physiological, and psychological parameters related to emotional and stress conditions, well-being, health status, and mental and cognitive functions. Computer audition and computer vision algorithms will be developed based on advanced audio-video analysis and the collection of relevant data sources (T3.5).  

The state of the art on how to measure and analyze psycho-behavioral parameters will be extended with new approaches to analyze raw signals in various abstraction levels, provide emotional and social computing approaches (T5.4).  Furthermore, IXP will develop algorithms for speech emotion recognition to extract user’s state information from speech signals.