Multi-stakeholder approach based on older adults needs

The e-VITA partners know that end-user acceptance will be ensured only if the proposed solution is responding to the real needs and practices of older adults in daily life. Therefore, the research and development of e-VITA will start from the needs and daily life practices of the target group (community-dwelling older adults in Europe and Japan), and not directly from the technology, so that the final solution can provide a good user experience and fulfillment of needs.

The methodology adopted by e-VITA partners will be based on participatory and value-based design approaches in real life settings, involving various end-users from Italy, France, Germany and Japan, and the stakeholders around them, such as their informal caregivers’ or social services from the community. Following these considerations, an important aspect of e-VITA is to establish new socio-technological approaches (and related policies) in Europe and Japan, and to implement them in real-life settings and practices of community-dwelling older adults and the stakeholders around them.