Misawa Homes Institute of Research and Development Co., Ltd.

Misawa Homes is a house making company whose motto is “lifelong commitment to customers through housing”. The firm operates a nursing home through their subsidiary in the Chiba prefecture and always keeps a high rank in customer satisfaction surveys. 

As a member of the joint corporation Prime Life Technologies Corporation, the mission of MISAWA is to create a future-oriented community revolving around life and technology.  

Misawa Homes has its own R&D called “Misawa Homes Institute of Research and Development Co., ltd.”. Their research emphases on advancing future lifestyles through technical development and new valuable creations using their resources.  

Role in the project:  

MISAWA will be leading the Japanese side of WP9 Dissemination and Exploitation and will lead partnerships and collaborations with important stakeholders at various levels (welfare organizations, social communities, family care givers, NGOs ) to develop key exploitable results, e.g., new services devices, and solutions, while exploring business strategies for targeted customers. MISAWA will also run the Shinagawa test site, together with TOHOKU.