Tohoku University Center for Smart Aging Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration with related institutions in NRW, Germany

Dr. Lorenz Granrath has been in charge of setting up industry-academia collaboration projects at the Smart Aging Research Center (SARC) as a specially appointed assistant professor since last May. His many years of experience at both German and Japanese research institutes were called upon.

The eVITA consortium is glad to announce the eVITA Mid-Term conference, which will take place on the 14th and 15th of July 2022, online and at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Tokyo, Japan. You are warmly invited to take part in this two-day event.
Click here to get the full program to register and get to know our speakers.

Our 2nd eVITA #newsletter is available to download! The newsletter contains news about the Wave 1, First user’s opinions concerning devices in Japan and a nice interview from an active participant to the Siegen study center. Come and click to know more!
First user’s opinions on DarumaTO, Gatebox and Nao in Japan !

Devices have been tested by older adults during the first phase of the participatory design session and we have retrieve some valuable first end users opinions from users in Japan. 

April – May 2022, eVITA starts Wave 1

What is the adherence and usability of disruptive technologies in the homes of older adults in Europe and Japan?
Click here to have all the details concerning the first feasibility studies of eVITA, which technologies will be used, for what purpose and the crucial role of the human coaches.

Our last paper is published !

Riccardo Naccarelli ,Sara Casaccia and Gian Marco Revel from UNIVPM focused on sensor network to monitor activity of aging people in multi-resident scenarios : The Problem of Monitoring Activities of Older People in Multi-Resident Scenarios: An Innovative and Non-Invasive Measurement System Based on Wearables and PIR Sensors. To consult all publications from eVITA click here.



eVITA will participate to the MetroLivEnv IEEE 2022, with two dedicated session :

(photo: Mateusz Budzeń,

“The future is today” – exhibition at the Copernicus Science Centre on artificial intelligence

Gatebox and SanTO, robots used in eVITA’ project were exhibited in Poland, focusing on the issue of the relationship with the robot.

Why is ethics so important in research and for e-VITA? An interview with AP-HP

AP-HP, a University Hospital Group located in Paris, provide us a framework and guidelines to ensure that all ethical aspects of the e-VITA projects are respected.

Activities in Japan : Latest updates from the Living Lab in Sendai !

The Living lab of Sendai where the TOHOKU University is working, replicates a domestic environment giving the sensation to be at home. Click above to know more about the activities so far in Japan.

e-VITA launches its podcast !

We are delighted to announce the launch of the eVITA podcast called ‘Ageing Equal”. You have 30 minutes to spare and well seated in your car / public transport? Click to listen the interview from the coordinators of eVITA, Toshimi Ogawa and Rainer Wieching. 

Interview with Elisa Irlandese, EU Project Officer

Elisa Irlandese is the European Policy Officer representing e-Vita within the European Commission. She kindly accepted to give an interview for the press office of the University of Siegen. 

Interview with Yuta Ishii, MIC Representative

Yuta Ishii the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications accepted tp give an interview from Asako Ohara, of Misawa Homes Institute of Research and Development Co. Ltd.

Kick-off Meeting – Press Release

Following a successful kick-off meeting that took place across 4 days in January 2021, find the press release from the University of Siegen in your language here! 

Interview with Japanese Project Officer, Shigeru Azuhata

Shigeru Azuhata is the Project officer from the Strategic Information and Communications R&D Promotion Programme, The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC). 

eVITA launches EU-Japan cooperation to create a virtual coach for smart ageing

The University of Siegen, The University of Tohoku, the project coordinators, together with 11 European and 11 Japanese partners, will develop a virtual coach for smart ageing at home. The e-VITA project objective is to create an intelligent assistant that older people can use individually at home. 

Press-Release from Deltadore, a indsutrial a French partner of e-VITA

Delta Dore, a pioneer in the connected home market, joins the e-Vita project