eVITA launches EU-Japan cooperation to create a virtual coach for smart ageing15. September 2021During the last century, life expectancy at birth has grown rapidly thanks to improved living standards, better healthcare, medical progress and increased awareness of health issues. And this trend continue. Europe and Japon have today the highest proportion of older adults in the world. This context requires the conception of new preventive, innovative and tailored solutions to support care and wellbeing of older […]
Projet e-Vita: Delta Dore, unique partenaire industriel à intégrer le projet de l’Union européene et du Japon pour le bien-vieillir15. September 2021Delta Dore, entreprise pionnière sur le marché de la maison connectée, intègre le projet e-Vita lancé conjointement par l’Union européenne et le Japon. À l’instar de 22 partenaires internationaux, le savoir-faire du groupe technologique doit contribuer à développer un assistant virtuel personnel et intelligent pour favoriser le bien-vieillir à domicile. Lancé en janvier dernier, dans le […]
Il coaching virtuale per l’invecchiamento attivo tra Giappone ed Europa15. September 2021e-VITA EU-Japan Virtual Coach for Smart Ageing è un progetto nato dalla stretta collaborazione tra Europa e Giappone, finanziato all’interno di Horizon 2020 e dal MIC. Coinvolge 10 partner giapponesi e 12 partner europei distribuiti tra Germania, Belgio, Francia e Italia, tra cui l’IRCCS INRCA. Il progetto si propone di sostenere l’invecchiamento attivo e in buona salute […]
Interview with MIC Representative, Yuta Ishii21. July 2021Interview with MIC Representative, Yuta Ishii [AO]: Mr Ishii, thank you for your time today. I want to start with your department inside the Ministry of Internal Communications, could you tell us more about that and your role there? [YI]: Sure, I’m in charge of the International Strategy Bureau Communication Standardisation, which oversees standardization production in the […]
Interview with Japanese Project Officer, Shigeru Azuhata19. July 2021Interview with Japanese Project Officer, Shigeru Azuhata The following interview was conducted with Shigeru Azuhata [SA] by one of the e-VITA consortium members, Asako Ohara [AO], of Misawa Homes Institute of Research and Development Co. Ltd. Shigeru Azuhata is the Project officer from the Strategic Information and Communications R&D Promotion Programme, The Ministry of Internal […]
Kick-off meeting Press Release30. March 2021University of Siegen Project Launch Press Release Following a successful kick-off meeting that took place across 4 days in January 2021, find the press release from the University of Siegen in your language below: English Deutsche
Interview with Elisa Irlandese16. December 2020Interview with Elisa Irlandese Elisa Irlandese is the European Policy Officer representing e-Vita within the European Commission department DG CONNECT, the Directorate‑General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology. Elisa Irlandese is in charge of the eHealth, Well-Being and Ageing policies. She kindly accepted to give an interview for the press office of the University of Siegen.    What is your specific job in the project?  I am the project officer […]