Objectives of e-VITA

The combination of the socio-technology excellence “Made in Europe” with the excellence of technology “Made in Japan” will produce an innovative coaching system based on the needs and wishes of older adults. The virtual coach will provide personalized recommendations and interventions to improve the quality of life of older adults in Europe and Japan while offering opportunities to SME’s and NGO’s to explore the feasibility of a new ecosystem.

PROPOSE and co-design ICT tools together with the end-users and stakeholders to empower older adults on deciding how technology should support them in their daily activities.
DEVELOP an advanced intercultural virtual coach with seamless integration of smart living technologies, advanced AI and tailored dialogue interaction.
PROVIDE a new concept for well-being support and smart health condition monitoring and companionship for community-dwelling older adults in Europe and Japan.
INCREASE subjective wellbeing, individual health and social connectedness, and thereby improve quality of everyday life of older adults in Europe and Japan.
CONDUCT a “Proof of Concept” study to validate the coach and assess users’ needs and acceptance through real-life environment living labs in different countries and cultural background.
EXPLORE the feasibility of the new ecosystem – SME’s, key stakeholders and NGOs – for disruptive innovations of AHA coaching and establish a market analysis.

Impacts of e-VITA

Empowering older adults

Empowering older adults to better manage their own activities will have an impact on increasing the wellbeing of older adults and will improve their quality of life via socio-technological support of “Active and Healthy Ageing” in Europe and Japan.

Increase self-management of health

Demographic changes come with socio-economic challenges, and an increasing burden for the health and social care systems. 
Coaching for increased self-management of health, wellbeing and social connectedness will have a strong socioeconomic impact on ageing societies by improving the quality of life of individuals.

Use of technologies

e-VITA project will have an impact on the awareness and use of radically new virtual coaching systems using devices and technologies selected by older adults and adapted in real life and in different cultures. The use of these socio-technologies is expected to have an impact on preventing diseases, frailty, dependency or depression in later life.

Socio-economic impact

e-VITA will have a strong socio-economic impact on related European and Japanese industries, SMEs, and NGO’s, as the project will be exploited in terms of socio-technological innovations, including a marketplace for the Active and Healthy Ageing industry.