Portraits of researchers

Yves Gellie had the opportunity to meet researchers from the project in Japan, Germany and France. He drew their portraits in videos.

The Japanese team in Sendai

Toshimi Ogawa from Tohoku University

Ryan Browne from Tohoku University

Halima Sultana from Tohoku University

Gabriele Trovato from Shibaura Institute of Technology

Kristiina Jokinen from AIST Tokyo Waterfront

The German team in Siegen

Rainer Wieching

Christiana Chen

Felix Carros

Merhbod Manavi

The French team in Broca Hospital – Paris

Sébastien Da Cunha

Anne-Sophie Rigaud

Cécilia Palmier

The Italian Team in IRCCS INRCA

Roberta Bevilacqua

Interviewed by Michele Begi from IRCSS INRCA

And more to come ….