Portraits of robots

The meeting

A Japanese robot designer passing through Germany presents his female android robot to a former doctor of a nursing home in the city of Siegen. The designer doesn’t understand German, his interlocutor doesn’t understand Japanese or English, the android is programmed in English. Each one speaking its own language (Japanese, German, English), the dialogue seems impossible. However, an exchange is established which seems totally random.
In this video, Yves Gellie, prefigures a near future where we will be able to communicate without understanding or speaking the language of our interlocutor. One of the participants enumerates the long list of his expectations.
©Yves Gellie

Gabriele Angel

An Italian robots designer living in Japan evokes the memory of his grandmother living in the south of Italy to an old French woman. 
Following an illness, his grandmother, who was very pious, could no longer go to the village church to attend services. He then imagined a sort of robot guardian angel at home that would allow her to keep a link with the liturgy, the Bible, the sermons… He then undertook research in theomorphic robotics, which led to the creation of the Celeste Angel.
In this video, Yves Gellie updates the genesis of a robot, closely linked to the personal history of its designer, an Italian roboticist living in Japan.
©Yves Gellie