Tohoku University

The Smart Aging Research Center (S.A.R.C.) is a subdivision of the Institute of Development, Aging, and Cancer (IDAC), at Tohoku University. It is one of the leading research institutes in the world that manages comprehensive multi-hierarchical medical research focusing on the complex mechanisms of ageing.  

A major research theme is the promotion of smart aging research and policies that bridge the gap between science and society, with the ultimate goal to realize the prevention of dementia and successful management of a super-ageing society.  

To clarify basic mechanisms on ageing and controlling age-related diseases, the SARC has promoted research under 3 major streams: molecular mechanisms of ageing and the self-defense system; molecular mechanism of carcinogenesis and cancer growth; and brain maturation and ageing. 

Role in the project: 

TOHOKU will play a role as the coordinator of the project and consortium for the Japanese side, and while leading Work Package 8, Evaluation – Proof of Concept will contribute mainly to the protocol development in the medical aspects and analyzing pilot study data. TOHOKU will coordinate the proof-of-concept study thorough collaboration with other facilities and municipalities throughout Japan.