Waseda University

Waseda University is one of Japan’s top private, co-educational institution of higher learning. The University has put a cross-departmental effort in place, gathering experts in machines, information, materials, environment, sociology, anthropology, and psychology. It is also home of the development of humanoid robots since the 1970s. Waseda laboratories have also experience in various kinds of sensors, in particular tactile sensors and their integration into robots and within human environments, for the goal of achieving human-robot co-existence. 

Role in the project:  

Waseda University will provide the interdisciplinary expertise necessary for the application of technology to close contact with people. This expertise is particularly relevant regarding human machine interaction, contributing on the development and deployment of devices (sensors and robots) and on the application to real life environments, with consideration of the specific Japanese cultural aspects. Waseda will lead WP6, Practice-based Design in Intercultural Living Labs, on Japanese side.