Dissemination and Exploitation Board Members

Roman Englert from Siegen University and Deutsche Telekom AG

Roman Englert is Honorary Professor, Dr. habil.

After his Doctorate and Habilitation in Machine Learning he initiated and joined funded R&D projects in the areas of Artificial Intelligence. In 2004, he became a founding member of the Telekom R&D Laboratories and started to focus on Usability and End-User Development for Human Support Systems. In 2010, when he returned from Ben-Gurion University (Israel) to Siegen University, the research focus was intensified onto Elderly Support Systems. Currently Roman Englert is member of several scientific boards to evaluate and support research for the Elderly Society. He received two fellowships from the German Research Society. His mission is to integrate Elderly Support Systems for assistance and communication into the ageing society to enable everybody to live self-reliant.

Yves Gellie, Filmmaker, Photographer, Artist Plastician

Roman Englert is Honorary Professor, Dr. habil.

After medical studies, he practiced tropical medicine, then start a career in photo-journalism, publishing his work in magazines like National Geographic, Sunday Time,,  Stern, Geo, Le Monde… World press in 1982. 

From 1999, he has developed a work being between Documentary and Contemporary Art. In 2016, he started a new movie “Year of the robot”, working with the Anne- Sophie Rigaud’s team at the LUSAGE lab of the Broca hospital (Paris), involved today in E vita project. His movie got 16 awards. There is a strong analogy between his movie and the spirit of E-vita project. Yves Gellie  foreshadows a future world in which mankind will grow closer to robots, making their dreams come true. his commitment in robotic and IA made him explore many facets of this relationship.

Prof. Dr. med. Kai Kolpatzik, MPH, EMPH

Prof. Dr. med. Kai Kolpatzik is a medical physician and public health expert, and worked as a medical practitioner in surgery at hospitals in Freiburg and Lake Constance. He was based at the University of Bielefeld – where he completed a Master of Public Health and European Master of Public Health – and at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva before taking up his post at the AOK Federal Association in 2004. Since 2009 he has been heading up the Department of Prevention in the AOK Federal Association with 27 million insured persons. He is initiator of the first study of health literacy in Germany as well as the first study of food literacy, digital health literacy and the National Action Plan on Health Literacy. His focus of work is on health promotion and prevention, health literacy, health communication and digital health.

Daniel Knopp from BBT Germany

Daniel Knopp is head of care for the elderly at Barmherzige Brüder Trier (BBT) Gruppe in Germany.

Nursing and care for the elderly have been at the centre of Daniel Knopp’s professional life right from its outset. As a trained nurse, he received a degree in Nursing Management from KFH Mainz in 2002 and later on specialized on care for the elderly when obtaining a Master’s degree in Gerontomanagement from the same institution in 2008. Throughout his professional career as manager, director and advisor of elderly care institutions, Daniel’s focus has been on quality management and assurance in care institutions, paying particular attention to a patient-centred approach. As a member of the dissemination-exploitation advisory board of eVITA, Daniel’s mission is to ensure that this patient-centred approach will be applied to the highest possible standards in the eVITA project “Virtual Coach for Smart Ageing”.

Alexandre Mazel from Softbank Robotics

Alexandre Mazel is Innovation Director at Softbank Robotics.

After 10 years of experiences in R&D on various subjects (AI, video games, military, audio and graphical effects), Alexandre joined Aldebaran Robotics in 2008 to insufflate his technical vision of entertainment to create the first NAO software and strategic demonstrations. After years of work on NAO, Romeo and Pepper, he then proceeded to input his valuable experience into research projects experimenting on robot assistance for visually impaired people, the elderly and kids with autism spectrum disorders. His mission today is to keep enhancing SoftBanks’ robots, to produce robots able to become life companions.