The e-Vita consortium is a partnership of innovative enterprises, research organizations, universities, authorities in the field of health, public and private health service providers, civil social organizations, health institutes. The consortium was constructed to ensure international and inter-sectorial representation and participation of all partners. Two regions of the world, Europe and Japan, are represented by 21 partners. These partners will join to develop and deploy the e-Vita platform in 4 countries with an EU wide dissemination. The e-VITA project is an opportunity to merge long standing experience and expertise from across Europe and Japan and that international challenges on ageing can be readily adapted to by the e-VITA platform.
The e-VITA project is being coordinated by Volker Wulf for the EU side and Yasuyuki Taki for the Japanese side.
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European Partners

Japanese Partners


Technical and Academic partners

National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Artificial Intelligence Research Centre
Human Augmentation Research Center
Institute of Gerontology - IGOU
Shibaura Institute of Technology

Industrial partners

Societal partners

Japan Quality Assurance Organization
Japanese Council of Senior Citizens Welfare Service