The Institute of Gerontology (IGOU)

The Institute of Gerontology (IGOU), an affiliated institute of the Graduate School of Gerontology, JF. Oberlin University, the only graduate school of gerontology in Japan. The Institute was set up with an integrated and interdisciplinary approach, to cope with the innovative solutions developed for our rapidly ageing society and related issues.  

IGOU is conducting research in various academic fields with three major goals for the researchers: 

(1) improving the quality of life of the older people, 

(2) promoting social participation,  

(3) promoting intergenerational interaction and mutual assistance between generations. 

Role  in the project:  

IGOU will mainly join the following tasks: 

Task lead: T2.5 Ethical and Legal Requirements: Ethical Roadmap, Data Privacy and Legal Restrictions 

Task lead: T6.4 Developing collaboration tools for the Stakeholders 

Other roles: 

T2.1 User Requirements: End-User and Stakeholders Needs 

T2.2 Content Requirements: Definitions of the Coaching System   

T7.6 Mobile App and location based services 

T8.2 Pilot pre-evaluation 

T8.4 Recruitment of volunteers 

T8.5Test & evaluation 

Evaluate outcome indicators such as the subject’s social activity and physical activity and sleep quality measured with a multifunctional ring or hearing aid in Japan. 

T9.5 Stakeholder Training  

T9.1 Socio-economic survey and stakeholder analysis in Japan