The Diocesan Caritas Association for the Archdiocese of Cologne is an umbrella organization for Catholic social welfare work, which acts as the political representative for its 250 members. Caritas helps people in need or the disadvantaged including the aid for the older people. 

The association raise awareness in European societies and encourage mutual self-help of the recipients in taking an active role in changing their difficult circumstances.  

Caritas provides more than 2,000 services and facilities in the Rhineland region including nursing services organizations, long-term care facilities and in-patient residential facilities, and services for independent and people with disabilities, and hospitals. 

Role in the project:  

The Diocesan Caritas Association acts in the interests of members and their employees (stakeholders) as well as the older adult users of health and social welfare services. The Association makes use of its many years of expertise in the area of care for the improvement of health and quality of life of older adults. The Diocesan Caritas Association contributes to the dissemination of new technological developments in its role as an umbrella organization though its public relations and committee work.  

CARITAS will work on WP2, WP3, WP6, WP8 and WP9 with its main responsibility to run the German cohort of the PoC and work in the Living Labs with contributions reg. care quality assurance. CARITAS will also play a role in the exploitation of the project results.