NeU Corporation

NeU Corporation is a Brain Science company with more than 20 years of legacy. “NeU” provides practical ‘NEURO’ solutions with ‘NEW’ state-of-the-art brain science technology.  

Established in August 2017, NeU Corporation is the direct result of fusing the “cognitive brain science discoveries” of Tohoku University’s Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer (IDAC), together with the “portable brain measurement technology” of Hitachi’s High Technology Division 

Role in the project:  

In this project, NeU will provide cognitive function training services. This service is a neurofeedback type training using a device that measures changes in cerebral blood flow and an app for smart devices. 

The device is simple for consumer use, but is based on the fNIRS methodology. We also support research on the relationship between other intervention methods and changes in brain activity.